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GET 10%   off
take-aways and deliveries on
internet orders over £30.00
PLUS 2 free popadoms,mango and mint sauce with all orders over £15.00

Hot freshly made Indian food delivered to your door within
45 minutes (most nights see below)

Enter your postcode and you'll be connected live to our restaurant computer . You'll find ordering on-line with us
easy, safe and straightforward

You can pay by cash on delivery, or use your debit or credit card. We do not accept cheques. 

We will endeavour to deliver your order within 45 minutes as usual, or on busy nights (Friday-Saturday) please allow up to 60 minutes, most probably less. This time frame would be the same if you placed your order by phone. Take-aways? allow up to thirty minutes before coming to collect.

Special Instructions
(you only need to read these once)
  • If you have a special request, for example, Extra chillies or no chillies or mild. When you click on the item there will be a white box called "cooking instructions" click on this and a drop down menu of the most popular requests will appear.
  • If you wish to give us special instructions like "please knock on door", so that we don't wake the kids when we make the delivery! OR "big red van parked outside". You will have an opportunity to give that info just before completing your order.
  • Need 2 or 3 of any item. Click on the + or - button next to your order. 
  • The minimum value for order for deliveries is £12.00 in Farnborough.
  • When we receive your order, (which is within 30 seconds of leaving your computer), it will be put in line with other orders that we receive via the phone. Whether you order on the phone or over the internet, all orders are progressed in the order we receive them.
  • Please check you order carefully. We cannot be responsible for missing items. The order that you place is the order we receive. If you feel you have forgotten something, please call the restaurant on 01252 376869 and we will alter the order, although it is best that you check the order before sending it.
  • You will receive an email confirming your order, but this, from our experience is within 10 minutes, after we have received your order and I'm afraid is not in our control. But this does not mean that we have not received your order. Once you are on our site the ordering process is very quick.

About Discounts Important!!!

To receive the 10% off your bill on orders over £30.00, you will have to place an order in excess of £30.00 or more.
It is safe to order on on-line with us? Yes because you credit card details are sent encrypted over the internet.

All orders are monitored and progressed by our staff and not by a robot or computer.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve this service or any other that we offer, please feel free to send us an email to customers@popadoms.com