Popadoms Restaurant Restaurant

10th Aug 2008


Hello there,


As I write this email to you its still overcast on this Thursday morning, after nearly three days of perpetual rain, you would not believe that it was British Summer time…


Now I must tell you that all this rain is good for our business in some ways, because it makes our delivery service busy, but the knock on effect is that some people will not venture out in the rain in the evening, so this makes the restaurant quiet. Ce La Vie.


When its sunny, its good to get out the BBQ , invite some friends grab some beer and have some fun in the garden.


Last weekend many if those BBQ’s turned into curry parties because it was raining so much prior to the weekend, people did not want to take the risk of getting out the gear just in case, so we were very busy with delivering curries.


In this month’s email I have a couple of things for you…….


First of all, A FREE CHICKEN Tikka recipe. Yes I am giving you a recipe for making your own chicken tikka when you next get out your BBQ.


Also I am giving you a link to a downloadable file for our main courses for 
just £1.00 which you can use any night until 30th  September.

know that some people are concerned with the “credit crunch” and it may even be effecting you, in fact its effecting us all with increases in our weekly shopping bills, (although the big supermarkets do have some special deals at present) and fuel bills, but this is our way of helping, if only in a small way.


By the way when making the chicken tikka use quality chicken breasts for best results and If I may, I can recommend a great butcher in North Camp Called Woods Butchers, they have great meats for all your BBQs http://www.woodsbutchers.com/


Take care and hope to see you soon


Sean Usher Owner Popadoms


Free Chicken Tikka Recipe 


Free Voucher Microsoft Word  PDF